How to get residence permit?
All international students in Turkey, regardless of status, must register with, and obtain a Residence Permit (İkamet Belgesi) from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management.That means after your arrival when you are sure about your permanent address, you need to apply for a residence permit ( do not exceed 90 days). All students must apply online at . Please note that if you fail to depart Turkey by the expiration date on the residence permit document, you will have to pay a penalty.
Online application document must be printed. You’ll see a list of required documents when you fill out the application form.
These are the documents required (may be updated on your arrival so it is important that you check the required documents following your online application).

1- Application Form
2- Proof of Study ( student identity paper- provided by the Faculty Students Affairs office
3- Photos(passport size)
4- Copy of the first and the last pages of your passport (entrance date must be legible)
5- Copy of your Acceptance Letter
6- Your permanent address in Istanbul.
7- Health Insurance **** You have to have ‘Private Health Insurance’. If your country’s general health insurance has an agreement with the general health insurance of Turkey, please contact with yours. Contact the International office to see the criteria regarding the minimum policy content)
8- Receipt (that shows  you have paid for the residence card)

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